Monday, 13 June 2011

Jumpsuits. The verdicts in.

The jumpsuit. Love them or hate them, there is no escaping them at the moment. Plain, patterned, floral, silk, there's a style for every mood but just how easy are they to wear? While they may look comfortable and effortless, there's a fine line between looking stylish and looking like you forgot to get dressed after a good nights sleep. I love the idea of them, having purchased one in the sale a few months ago, one with a pretty floral pattern, one that I wore on one occasion then hung it up in the back of my wardrobe only to be brought out for days lounging in the house. Whilst it was incredibly comfortable, it just did nothing for my figure apart from making my thighs look bigger, legs shorter and waist non-existent, (not to mention adding ten minutes to each trip  to the bathroom from having to get almost completely undressed) which every woman will agree is not the look we aim for when choosing an outfit. And with the bathroom issue in mind, this is not the most practical outfit for summer festivals as many fashion magazines are claiming. Getting half-naked in a porta-loo that has been used by thousands of people is not my idea of a good time.
Here is my list of usually chic celebs getting it wrong.

From the waist up, Rihanna looks fabulous as the thin straps show off her toned body perfectly, but from the waist down it all goes wrong. Her legs look short and show off nothing of her figure envied by women everywhere. The pattern is the one thing that saves this outfit with the print being fun and bold.

Katy, Katy, Katy. What has happened here? Her usual fun, pin-up glamour has disappeared and has been replaced by a frumpy and unflattering disaster. We all know Mrs Perry has the best body but none of this is noticeable in this outfit as her bottom appears two sizes bigger than it actually is. 

 This would be amazing if it wasn't for the huge flared trousers spoiling the look. Now I'm not a fan of a flare so this on a jumpsuit was never going to be a winner for me. 

And now someone who got it right...

Here Jessica Biel gets it oh so right with her navy tailored version of this trend. The slim leg trousers give the jumpsuit a much more classic look showing off her incredible figure. While this may not be a laid-back look for everyday, it does scream glamour and teamed with a simple pair of black stilettos is sure to grab everyone's attention.

What does everyone else think of this trend?

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